Tupac Shakur’s Estate To Make A “Special Announcement”


The Estate of Tupac Shakur has cryptically said that there will be a “special announcement’

It seems something big could be coming involving the late Tupac Shakur. The verified Twitter account for the iconic emcee posted a tweet yesterday (August 23) that claims a “special announcement” is coming later TODAY at 5pm from Pac’s estate.

While it’s unclear what the announcement will be, some speculate that it will be about the long awaited Tupac biopic.


one Reddit user wrote:

‘Tomorrow is 24/08/2015

24-8-(2+0+1+5) = 4

HOWEVER – 8/2pac = 4

As we all know, 4 is the 5th letter in Thug 4 Life


K is the 9th letter in Tupac Shakur. It’s alphanumerical equivalent is 10.

10+9 = 19.

This is the 19th year since his ‘death’.

The letters 1 and 9 are equivalent to A and I in the alphabet. AI as we all know stands for artificial intelligence.

Flip them and you get IA. What does IA stand for you ask?

I’m Alive.

Tupac is here.’

Return at 5pm EST for the special announcement from The Estate of Tupac Shakur.


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