Detroit Rapper Dex Osama Murdered, Meek Mill & DeJ Loaf React

Dex Osama

An up and coming rapper by the name of Dex Osama was shot and killed this morning while at the Crazy Horse Gentlemen’s Detroit strip club.

Crazy horse

Osama, 26, whose real name is Byron Cox, was in the Crazy Horse, a strip club on Michigan Avenue near Lonyo, at about 1:30 a.m. when two groups of men got into a dispute.

“The argument was moved outside, at which point a suspect drew his weapon, shooting the victim who fled,” said Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody.

“He ultimately collapsed at a nearby gas station. He was conveyed to hospital where he was dead on arrival.”

Several hours later, a second victim arrived at a hospital with a gunshot wound from the same incident, Woody said.

Fellow native Dej Loaf showed love to Dex on Instagram, calling him “the whole package.”

“I figured the world needed to hear u! If I knew the other day was gonna be our last time talking I would’ve said way more!,”

she wrote underneath a photo of the two of them.

Dex Osama

Meek then called out the quote-on-quote “street dudes” who are

“boasting about people getting other people locked up and praising people that told and it’s being accepted.” “Jayz once told me this social media world was created for people that wouldn’t even speak if they wasn’t present…He also said you can’t speak truth on here because this is the fake people world and they gone hate you for that,”

he continued.


“It’s sad that the next generation have to grow up in middle of this era!,” he mentioned.

“Instagram need to have a option to turn these comments off and put a end to giving the suckas and chance to speak without being present! You can put up a picture of somebody that died and they gone still talk crazy.”



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