Louisiana Rapper Tokyo Vanity Thinks Young Thug Stole ‘Best Friend’ Song From Her & She Set To Sue


Young Thug released the music video for “Best Friend,”

The video, co-directed by Be El Be and Thugger himself, follows the rapper throughout his day. And although that doesn’t seem like it’d be very unique, things get a little trippy when you notice more clones of Young Thug appear.

“Best Friend” is a single off Young Thug’s upcoming mixtape, Slime Season, which is out now. Of course, Thugger’s new clip is surrounded by controversy.

Check Out Young Thug Video Best Friend:

Tokyo Vanity, the creator of “That’s My Bestfriend,” isn’t too happy with Young Thug swagger jacking her popular song. Tokyo went on a heated rant in a vlog post.

The two songs aren’t similar beyond the titles. Still, Vanity sees Thug’s “Best Friend” as a clear knockoff.

“That song is pooh as his f***ing dreads, b***h,” she said on Instagram.

“He had to steal something, b***h. Career going down the drain, b***h. Got dropped from the label. Birdman f***ing over.”

“I don’t see how yall gon tell me what the f**k I got. B***h, my song is copy written and trademarked, b**tch,” she said.

“I can sue if I want to, b***h. I will spit in yall motherf*****g face. …F**k Young Thug and them little ass dreads.”

Tokyo went on to reveal Thug and the director of “Best Friend” reached out to her.

“B***h, he offered me to be in the video and I declined because I ain’t wanna be in that video to that pooh ass song,” she said.

“That song is ass pooh as his f*****g dreads. He had to still something. Career going down the drain, b***h.”

She also claims that her song is

“copy written and trademarked”.

It is yet to be determined whether Tokyo Vanity will file a lawsuit against Thug.

Hope they are able to clear that up without involving any lawyers and a judge. In the meantime, check out her own track below.

Watch Tokyo Vanity’sThat’s My Best FriendVideo:

Also Check Out JR and Trey Songz below:

On the topic of ‘Best Friend,’ Thug says that he was going to put “inspired by Tokyo Vanity” in the video next to the director’s credits, but it slipped his mind. At the time, he wasn’t aware she had dissed him and accused him of stealing the concept.

Thug spoke about Plies and how he’s trying to make memes instead of raps.

“Only reason I was frustrated with him was because he’s a 40-year-old man, he knows better.

Like, You’re a rapper and you’re trying to turn into a comedian, fuck is you doing? You’re putting a kid cussin’ on your page, that ain’t cool.

You’re tryin’ too hard to be funny.”

He also said he tried to respond privately to Plies before the Instagram back and forth videos.

Young Thug has released his new mixtape, Slime Season. It features appearances from Migos members Quavo and Offset and, surprisingly, Lil Wayne. Download it here


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