Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Stars Nikki Mudarris & Mally Mall Sex Tape Leaks

Nikki Mudarris

Well folks, it looks like yet another reality TV star has come out with a sex tape for our viewing pleasures. Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’s own Nikki Mudarris put out a sex tape with her on-again, off-again BF, Mally Mall.

A shaky cell-phone video that shows what appears to be a recently-reconciled for the moment Mally Mall and Nikki Baby getting it in while Future’s

“Thought It Was A Drought”

blares in the background. Unfortunately, the camera never pans down far enough for us to see if Mally Mall is indeed rocking a pair of Gucci Flip Flops while deep in the throes of Nikki’s…um, passion.

The footage is only about a minute and a half long, and you never see Mally’s face — though you DO see some…other stuff. Needless to say this video is not even close to being safe for work.

Watch as these two get it on with some Future playing in the background and let us know if you’re feeling this tape!

adults 18+ only to view: Check Out HERE



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