Adidas $200 Million Dollar Man James Harden Is Officially Team Adidas, Receives A Truck Full Of Shoes


It looks like James Harden will never have to buy another pair of sneakers ever, ever again.

Earlier this year, James Harden made international headlines when he didn’t renew his endorsement deal with Nike, and chose to sign a whopping $200 million contract with Adidas–and celebrated by professing his love for the German apparel company during his drunk rendition of Travi$ Scott‘s “Antidote,”.

Today, Harden officially becomes Adidas’ $200 million man, and in commemoration, they’ve pulled up to his house with a quite literal truckload of Adidas sneakers.



From shell-toes and Sam Smiths to Tubulars and Boosts, it looks like Harden has a different pair for each day of the year.

As you can imagine, the superstar is very happy.

Then again, you don’t have to imagine. Look at that face.


His reaction was fitting (especially considering he was still in his robe).

The 13-year $200 million deal between adidas and NBA player James Harden has been one of the biggest talks in basketball this year.

“Just everything, however I want it, I have a say-so,”

Harden said after Thursday’s practice.

“I have a voice that can and will be heard. I have a pretty strong voice, whether it’s designing my shoe, designing my clothing, just everything, everything that the brand has to offer.

I’ll definitely voice my opinion.”

“It’s very special; it’s always great when you have a brand that wants you and will do whatever it takes to get you and market you the right way,”

Harden said.

“This is another opportunity for me and Adidas to grow as one.

I’m excited for the opportunity and I will definitely seize it.”



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