Fetty Wap Responds By Laughing Off P Dice Saying He Was Kicked Out The Group To Avoid Drama


This week, P-Dice sat down with VladTV and discussed the issue for the first time publicly.

Telling his side of he story, he explains in detail that he was removed from the group due to a skirmish with another New Jersey based artist and was thus deemed a liability.

Taking a look at his chart topping hit single “679,” (which is this writers favorite record this year), you’ll notice Remy Boyz members Montana Buckz aka Monty and P-Dice who also make solid appearances.

As the summer came to a close, it was clear that something had changed considering that P-Dice was no longer making public appearances with the collective and does not appear on the album version of the song.

Soon rumors began swirl in the NY/NJ area of a possible rift.

No less than 24 hours later, Fetty Wap responded with a video of his own.

In the 15-minute clip, Fetty Wap laughs at some of the comments made by P-Dice and points out several flaws in his story.

Aside from jealousy being a major factor, P-Dice allegedly tried to create beef within the group between Fetty and Monty.

“What real brother hits their brother and say[s] ‘I wonder if you know that Buck (Monty) was f***ing your baby mother?'”

Fetty Wap asks.

“You say you wasn’t jealous, my n****?”

Fetty Wap also addresses the beef rumor and claims he was the only one who had P-Dice’s back throughout it all – he even has tattoos of three stars that represent himself, P-Dice and Monty.

“I told n****s on Wap, though, it was gonna be three million a piece,”

he states.

“I got what I said I was gonna get – now it’s only two of us.”

“Where the f*** was Dice?”

Check out both videos below.

New Jersey artist has moved on to do his own shows and appearances.

During one of his recent club performances, the DJ decided to play “679,” the popular Fetty Wap single that originally featured P-Dice.

As expected, he didn’t take too kind to hearing it and called out the DJ for putting it on while he was in the vicinity.

Watch as P-Dice repeatedly tells the DJ to

“turn that s*** off” below.


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