Jay-Z & Timbaland Wins Copyright Infringement Case Over Big Pimpin’ Egyptian Song Sample


Jay Z and Timbaland finally had their day at a Los Angeles court yesterday over the sampling issue over their 1999 hit, “Big Pimpin“.
In the lawsuit filed by Osama Fahmy, he claims the pair used his uncle Baligh Hamdi’s 1960 song “Khosara Khosara” without authorization.

The trial continues today with Jay Z taking the stand. Before it was handed to the jury, US district judge Christina Snyder abruptly dismissed the lawsuit against Jay Z and his producer Timbaland before it went to a jury at a federal court in Los Angeles on Wednesday, ruling that the heir of an Egyptian composer lacked the right to pursue a copyright infringement claim.

The judge ruled that Egyptian law did not apply and that the case should not go to a jury.

“Fahmy lacked standing to pursue his claim. In light of that decision, it will not be necessary to submit to the jury whether Big Pimpin’ infringed Khosara Khosara,”

she said.

“We and our clients obviously are very pleased with this decision.

The court correctly ruled that the plaintiff had no right to bring this case and cannot pursue any claim of infringement in connection with Big Pimpin’ whatsoever,”

their attorney, Christine Lepera, said in a statement.

The verdict ended a week-long trial and dashed an almost decade-long quest by Osama Fahmy, the nephew of Baligh Hamdi, an Egyptian composer whose 1957 song Khosara Khosara is partially used in Big Pimpin’.

Fahmy had argued that Jay Z and Timbaland did not have the Hamdi family’s permission to sample the song’s flute notes.

Fahmy’s attorney, Pete Ross, vowed to fight the ruling.

“We think it’s completely wrong, and we’ll appeal.”


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