Glen Rice Jr. Gets Shot In Leg At Rapper T.I.’s Restaurant In Atlanta, & Busted With Half Pound Of Weed


According to police, former Washington Wizard Glen Rice Jr. was shot in the leg after getting into an argument at an Atlanta restaurant.

After the shooting, he was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana after police say they found a bag containing 240 grams of weed and Rice Jr.’s passport near the scene.

The police report states that Rice Jr. and five or six other men were involved in an argument at Scales 925, a restaurant owned by rapper T.I.

The men were asked to leave the restaurant by the staff, according to the report, at which point the argument continued in the parking lot and Rice Jr. got into a physical altercation with an unidentified man; the man Rice Jr. was fighting with eventually pulled out a gun and shot Rice Jr. in the leg before fleeing the scene in a black sedan.

The report goes on to say that Rice Jr. was picked up by someone driving a black Porsche, and they eventually stopped near several policemen and told them that Rice Jr. had been shot but that they didn’t know by whom.

That’s when things just got worse.

From the report : “I noticed a black book bag that was abandoned on the parking lot next to the Porsche”.

I opened the bag and found 240.4 Grams of marijuana and a US Passport that belongs to Mr. Rice.

ID took pictures of the bag and its contents, and the bag was handed over to Investigator Fowler along with $5,953 dollars in cash that was in Mr. Rice’s possession when he was shot and they were left inside the vehicle to be taken to property as evidence.

Mr. Rice was charged with Reckless conduct and possession of marijuana.”

The report also states that video surveillance caught Rice Jr. throwing a black revolver into a stairwell on the side of the restaurant before he left the scene; the gun was recovered, apparently, and may have been stolen from someone in Chattanooga, Tenn.


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