Police Raid Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach Mansion, Assets Seized


Dade police are executing a judge’s order at rapper Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach mansion that involves a civil case, authorities said.

Just last month, a Miami-Dade County judge denied a private jet company’s request to authorize a “break order,” basically giving them permission to storm Wayne’s house without permission to have officers seize assets at the home.

The Miami Herald reported that Signature Group, which owns the rapper’s leased Gulfstream II, sued Lil Wayne after he stopped paying his $55,000-a-month lease.

Lil Wayne hasn’t paid the company back yet,

So, after the Signature Group was able to obtain photos proving that Lil Wayne did have assets inside his mansion which is currently up for sale a judge signed a new order on Friday authorizing the break-in.

SkyforceHD hovered over the scene as police cruisers, a flatbed truck and a tow truck were parked outside the home.

Deputies seized art pieces and several plaques from the mansion after Lil Wayne did not pay a $2million judgment to private jet company Miami-Dade County Sheriff’.


Lil Wayne, who also owes an additional $200,000 in legal fees from the lawsuit, wasn’t in Miami when police arrived.

Back in March, Wayne’s home was the target of a non-emergency call of a reported shooting.

The SWAT team spent several hours on the scene.

They did not locate any subjects or victims on the property, and there was no evidence of shots fired.

Police then declared the incident a hoax.

Wayne also recently settled with a tour bus driver who accused the rapper of threatening to kill him.

However, he has yet to make good on that payment.


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