Chief Keef Claims He Banged DMX Baby Mama, & Yadira Borrego Responds Back

Keef Dmx

Chief Keef decided to share some interesting details on his song “Walnuts.” The rapper claims to have had sex with one of DMX’s baby mamas.

“I fu-ked DMX baby mama. Yadera, Shakira, or whatever that b-tch name is.

She threw it back for me. I hit her, I sent that b-tch a plane ticket.”

Apparently the woman Keef is referring to is Yadira Borrego, a model that DMX dated (intermittently) for over 9 years. X also has two children with Borrego.

“Walnuts” is set to appear on Keef’s forthcoming mixtape, Back From The Dead 3.

Chief Keef’s claims may not be too far fetched as there have been rumors that Borrego was also linked to Soulja Boy, Fat Trell, and 2 Chainz.

Yadira Responds Back:

Cuban model Yadira Borrego is using social media to respond to allegation she slept with Chief Keef.

Yadira says no such thing ever happened. Yadira took to Instagram with the following caption one would assume is about Keef’s tale:


“You don’t worry about things that never happened in your life, that’s the 1st step to not let negativity touch you … I ain’t worrying about nothing, they talking, let them talk!!! I sleep lovely at night.”


All I can do is laugh, Rumors Rumors Rumors…. Blah blah blah!!

Yadira Borrego

Not sure who is telling the truth, but we do find it odd that Chief Keef would randomly rap about having sex with DMX’s baby’s mama and call her out by name if there wasn’t some smoke near the fire.


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