Love & Hip Hop’s Mendeecees Harris Sentenced To Eight Years


After facing nearly 40 years in prison on drug trafficking charges, reality star Mendeecees Harris has officially been sentenced to eight years.

Earlier this year the 36-year-old Love & Hip-Hop star pled guilty to narcotics conspiracy after shipping $2.5 million worth of cocaine and heroin to upstate New York over the course of the past ten years.

While in court today, Mendeecees apologized

“for any trouble”

he’s caused in the city of Rochester since then.

“Ever since (having children), I’ve been trying to right my wrongs,”

he told U.S. District Judge Frank Geraci Jr.

Mendeecee’s wife, Yandy, has since taken to Instagram to thank their fans for supporting them through this troubling time.

“We finally have closure and are prepared and ready for all the future holds.

God and love always prevails,”

she wrote.

Mendeecees then followed suit with a personal message of his own, letting his followers know he takes full responsibility for his crime.

“My transition to be a better person a productive person started well before this case.

However in my past I made some bad decisions.

Young men let my life be an example to you now before it’s too late,”

he warned them.

Mendeecees later addressed his wife and children, writing

“you are all strong and well prepared for this.

This is just another brick laid down towards our house of happily ever after, walk with your head held high knowing I would never past the buck and put another family through what we have endured.”

Months ago Mendeecees paid his $600,000 bond in order to be around his family before serving his time, and in total has paid upwards of $170,000.

With good behavior he could possibly be released in five to six years, as he had already served 15 months before he was released on bail.



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