August Alsina Hits Up The Breakfast Club After Frustration About Album Being Leaked  


On the eve of his sophomore album,This Thing Called Life, Def Jam decided to leak the album a day early on August’s Vevo Channel, but he wasn’t with that idea at all.

Taking to twitter moments following the album stream, August decided to call out Def Jam for the leak, tweeting

“I didn’t do this. My shitty ass label did it. They’re just fucking Shitty! Smh”


Thinking he may cool down after a couple hours, he sure didn’t.

Two hours after the original tweet, the New Orleans crooner had some more choice words for Def Jam, tweeting out

“FUCKKKKKK YOU @DefJamRecords”

in all caps.


Well that wasn’t long.

Shortly after his temper tantrum on twitter, August posted a statement apologizing to the fans and Def Jam for his “Fuck You” tweet.

The statement read as followed…


This Thing Called Life officially dropped today, and Alsina spent a good chunk of his morning interview discussing the leak.

He also talks about his relationship with his mom, and airs out a few things.

Watch that interview & more below

August Alsina takes a journey to a dark place in the emotional video for his single “Song Cry.”

In the Payne Lindsey-directed clip, the New Orleans singer gets stranded in the desert when his motorcycle runs out of gas.

He sits on the bed in his motel room as rose petals fall to the floor and a ballerina dances in the rain.

He wakes up in a bed of roses and sings in front of a burning casket, while tears of blood stream down his face.




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