Nappy Roots Rapper Ryan Prophet Accuses Stacey Dash Of Aborting Their Baby

Stacy Ryan

Ryan Prophet, former rapper of Nappy Roots has came hard for Stacy Dash.

He has accused her of aborting his child.

The two dated each other a while back.

We are not sure as to why this is just coming to surface but its here.

We know that Prophet does not have the best dating luck as he was on Catfish trying to find a woman named Trinity who he had met online but never seen.

Unfortunatly, Trinity did not exist.

Prophet took to Instagram to show a screenshot of a conversation between him and Dash. He wrote a caption that started off saying,

“It’s no secret seven years ago I met the woman of my dreams.

Later in our relationship she tells me ‘good news,’ well ‘GREAT NEWS,’ she’s pregnant.

That was the best f****** day of my life.

Later she starts to act funny towards me for someone else, while pregnant with my baby.

The new guy she’s with requested for her to get an abortion so she could have his baby.”

He went on to say,

“Everyone, I don’t have kids. I’m in my feelings because even though that guy brainwashed her, she should have gave me my baby.

It would have been a blessing to watch my seed unwrap gifts yesterday forChristmas.

Thank you Stacey Dash for killing my baby while trying to please another MF.”

Well I guess we can kind of understand where Prophet was coming from, but was it really necessary to put Stacy on blast like that?



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