Lil Wayne & Birdman Reunite At Club LIV & Let It Be Known “It’s YMCMB For Life” 

LIV Birdman Wayne

Birdman and Lil Wayne appeared together at Club Liv in Miami on Sunday January 18, making it clear, once and for all that they have put aside their differences.

“This my motherf*cking son and I’ma die for him.

I’ma live for him and I’ll motherf*cking kill for him.

That ain’t gon’ ever change, n!gga,”

Birdman told theaudience as Wayne stood next to him.

Baby also used the occasion to address people who have dissed him recently over the way they perceived Weezy’s contractual situation was being handled.

“All you b!tch n!ggas that be saying my name, I’ma pull up! And I ain’t gon’ pull up talking you heard me? Believe that”

he said.

Two artists that Birdman could be referring to are Rick Ross and Pusha T.

Ross was highly critical of the Cash Money Records boss during a December interview with The Breakfast Club.

“If you steal something that’s just corny,”

Pusha told Mikey and Clark Martin.

“If you stealing something contractually, that’s like the lowest form of a thief.

It’s like a cat burglar.

It’s not even respectable in no way, shape or form.

You ain’t even thugging it. You’re like, sneaky.

I don’t respect that.

I ain’t respected Baby for a long time no way, so it don’t matter.”



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