Beyonce Drops A Surprised New Video “Formation”


Beyoncé released a surprise video “Formation,” her first new single.

Falling in the footsteps of her previous surprise album and video release in 2013’s Beyonce,

Beyoncé also updated her online store with clothing and merchandise donning many of the instantly quotable lyrics from “Formation,” from a hat that says “Hot Sauce” to a cellphone case sporting

“You that bitch when you cause all this conversation”

to a sweatshirt reading

“I twirl on them haters.”

There is also a handbag with the words – naturally –

“I got hot sauce in my bag.”

Beyoncé was reportedly rehearsing “Formation” during the halftime show preparations leading up to Super Bowl 50.

It remains unconfirmed whether she’ll debut the song live Sunday at Santa Clara, California’s Levi’s Stadium.

While the music video is live on Bey‘s YouTube page, the song can be downloaded only on Tidal right now.


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