Michael Jordan Gifts Complete Set Of Air Jordans To Kobe Bryant


Kobe Bryant attended a Jordan Brand party on Friday night in Toronto before his final NBA All-Star Game and received a very special gift: every pair of Jordan line shoes from I to XXX.


While the majority of the shoes in the set come in plain white, there are also some special inclusions.

Bryant was given a custom pair of Air Jordan III and Air Jordan VIII shoes that were styled in the white, purple and gold colors of the Lakers that Bryant has worn for his entire NBA career.

Jordan Brand President Larry Miller presented the gift to Bryant.

The Los Angeles Lakers guard said he was absolutely flattered by the gesture, especially because the set included multiple pairs of shoes that Bryant eagerly wanted to acquire as a youngster.

“(Michael Jordan) and I have had such a beautiful relationship since I first came into the league, and he’s really been a big brother to me really throughout this entire journey,”

Bryant said.

“I told him, ‘You have no idea how much I worked to try to find a pair of these shoes when I was in high-school.’

Now I have the whole collection, which is pretty sweet.”


Bryant likely already has a loaded wardrobe of clothing and sneakers.

When asked what he plans to do with his nearly three-dozen new pairs, he smiled and said he will make sure they have a safe home.



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