Update: “Mob Wives” Star Big Ang Have Officially Passed Away


Reality TV star Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola’s health took a turn for the worse Wednesday after a year-long battle with stage 4 brain and lung cancer, according to sources and reports.

On Feb. 17 after an entertainment news outlet claimed that the 55-year-old  Mob Wives star had lost her battle with stage four cancer.

“At this time that is a false rumor,”

“Mob Wives”

creator Jennifer Graziano said in a statement.

“I am here with the entire family and all her friends and they ask for your continued support and prayers.

We will keep everyone updated.”

The rambunctious Raiola was diagnosed last year with throat cancer and underwent several surgeries before being given the all clear.

The disease returned in December and had spread to her brain and lungs, according to reports.

Raiola revealed that she had left her husband, Neil Murphy, and that she was given a 30% chance of survival.

Raiola, a lifelong smoker, underwent chemotherapy, but the treatment didn’t work, and she had begun immunotherapy, which uses the body’s immune system rather than chemicals to fight diseases.

“Sometimes I feel I’m gonna be fine, and sometimes I just don’t think I am,”

Raiola said in a tearful interview on

“The Dr. Oz Show”

that aired Tuesday.


Raiola was taken to a hospital where she was surrounded by friends and family, according to lawyer and friend, Stephen Spinelli.

A source says that the “Mob Wives” megastar had stopped treatment and was suffering from pneumonia.

The source said she had been given last rites and that her family was holding vigil by her side late Wednesday.


Angela “Big Ang” Raiola sadly lost her battle with lung and brain cancer on Feb. 17 at just 55 years old.

The Mob Wives star’s illness took a turn for the worse shortly after her cancer returned in December, and sadly, her treatment was not enough.

She was reportedly surrounded by friends and family during her final hours.

May she rest in peace.


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