Topps Company Have Turned Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj & Kanye Into Garbage Pail Kids

Shammy gpk

The Topps Company’s long running Garbage Pail Kids series has dipped into the music world.

A run of Grammy-inspired Garbage Pail Kids cards called The Shammys were released digitally earlier this week and will now be getting a print run.

The cards features nine musical acts and hip-hop’s presence is felt with three of those cards.

Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj and Kanye West are among the artists who have been transformed into Garbage Pail Kids as part of the Shammys release.

Each artist is featured in two versions of the card.

Kendrick Lamar’s cards are titled

“Can’t Lose Kendrick”



“Leapin’ Lamar.”

Nicki Minaj’s version is

“No Twerk Nicki”



“Anna Conda.”

As for Kanye West, his cards have been dubbed

“Kanye Pest”


and “Welcome West.”

While all of the Shammys cards can be seen as satire, one is a timely tribute.

Founding Eagles member, Glenn Frey, passed away a little under a month ago.

Although done in GPK fashion, there’s definitely a different tone when you put his cards alongside the others in the set.

Other Pop stars sent up in the set are:

Justin Bieber

gpk Justin

Glenn Frey

gpk glenn

Lady Gaga



Adam Levine

gpk adam



Fans can collect the cards as a two-card set of their favorite artist or grab all 18 in one set.


The set is available at GPK ’ OFFICIAL website.



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