Catholic Priest Caught On Tape Snorting Coke 


A Roman Catholic priest based in Northern Ireland was caught on camera snorting cocaine in a room filled with Nazi memorabilia, The Sun reported on Sunday.

A video obtained by the Sun on Sunday newspaper shows the 37-year-old seated in the kitchen before rising and making his way around the table where there are lines of white powder racked up on a plate.

He appears to say

“I shouldn’t”

before snorting the substance through a rolled-up £10 note.


Despite the ease with which the priest, Stephen Crossan, appears to take the drugs, he was adamant after the incident about it being a one time thing.

“Just the one night and that was it,”

he told The Sun, after they asked him to comment on the video clip, which has been virally distributed.

As if the disturbing images of a young priest doing hard drugs recreationally weren’t enough, a source told The Sun that the church house Crossan was in is plastered with Nazi memorabilia and gear, including a Nazi hat that Crossan wore while he did the Nazi salute.


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