Keyshia Cole Allegedly Tried To Egg Bow Wow’s Car, But It All Went Wrong

bow wow Keisha

Looks like Keyshia Cole and Bow Wow’s relationship (that they’ve denied) is over now anyway.

At least for now, as it’s been pretty clear both of these people live for drama and will return to it at any point.

Shad Moss aka Bow Wow 29th birthday on Mar. 9. wasn’t filled with presents, cakes and balloons.

The CSI: Cyber star claims his ex, ex Keyshia Cole, 34, did a drive by and threw a birthday cake with the intention of hitting his precious Rolls Royce!

Here’s what we know!

Taking to Instagram last night, The Game’s manager (who’s friends with Bow Wow) showed off his egged car, saying that Keyshia was the culprit.


Bow Wow then seemingly confirmed it, taking to Twitter to say that “an ex” had egged a friend’s car,



So, what does Bow Wow’s ex Erica Mena think of all the drama?

The reality star took to her Twitter shortly after news of the drama took place and she tweeted about “toxic” people:




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