John Legend Calls Donald Trump A “Racist” In Twitter Feud With Donald Trump Jr


John Legend just shut down Donald Trump’s obnoxious son who of course is also named Donald Trump with a hammer of tweet.

Making fun of the Chicago protesters that got his father’s hate rally shut down last night.

The wee Trump thought he was being really clever in mocking millennials for their sensitivity towards racial slights and their nondiscriminatory approach.

A tolerance that his whole family could learn a few things from.

twitterJohn Legend, however, wasn’t having any of it, quickly dismissing both the abrasive scion and the inevitable wave of Trump Twitter trolls that leapt to the heir’s defense.

His wife, Chrissy Teigen, also interjected her two cents:


After John Legend got into a Twitter fight with his old school mate Donald Trump Jr on Friday over racism.

But that didn’t keep the musician from looking happy as he took wife Chrissy Teigen on a movie date at the iPic theater in Los Angeles.

The hit maker went casual in a denial jacket as his pregnant model spouse looked chic in a leather jacket and knee-high boots.

The 30-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model stepped out in sexy, knee high black leather boots on Friday.

She paired the high-heeled wedges with matching leggings which showed off her long, sculpted stems.

Her all black monochrome ensemble consisted of numerous layers which concealed her blossoming baby bump.



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