Mike Epps Pokes Fun At Katt Williams Getting Put In Headlock By Luke


During a performance at Houston’s Festival of Laughs on April 9,

Epps was recorded going in on Katt for a minute and a half, in a bit that ended with him warning what he’d do if word about the routine got back to him.

The comedian said,

“I’mma be riding around with that little boy in the car with me.

‘There he is! GET HIM, GET HIM, GET HIM!”

“He hit that little boy so quick. He didn’t know that little boy could fight though,”

Epps joked to a laughing audience.

“That n***a got that n***a’s neck! It looked like ‘Love and Basketball,’ when Omar Epps was over Sanaa Lathan on the ground.”

Both Katt, 44, and Luke Wash, 17, were arrested in Gainesville on March 29th and charged with disorderly conduct over the Georgia incident.


According to witnesses, Williams had been giving money away to neighborhood children before joining the soccer game of which was shown in a viral video.

Following an on-field dispute, the 12th grader could be seen bullishly stalking the comedian as he strayed off of the field and towards a building where they were crowded around.

After mincing words, Williams socked Wash in the face, leading the teen to grab him in a headlock and take him to the ground.

The altercation has resulted in the troubled star being banned from several Georgia housing units.

Mike Epps will be soon be sharing the stage with Katt Williams apart of this year’s BET Live Experience in Los Angeles.


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