Birdman Apologize For Blowup On The Breakfast Club But Charlamagne Ain’t Trying To Hear It


After the conversation aired on the radio, the three morning show hosts discussed what happened.

Envy mentioned he spoke to Birdman following the incident and he excused himself for snapping.

“I spoke to Birdman after that and he did apologize,”

said Envy.

“He said he would love to come back up here and talk to us.

He said he wanted to talk to [Charlamagne] face-to-face as well.”

However, Charlamagne has had enough of Baby’s antics.

“I don’t ever want to talk to Birdman. I’m cool on Birdman,”

he said.

“They were calling me yesterday trying to get us on the phone, I’m good.

I didn’t know Birdman before this.

I don’t want to know Birdman after this.

God bless him.

I wish him the best.

I’m cool on Birdman.”

Comedian Michael Blackson, who chimed in on the incident online when it first occurred, took it upon himself to recreate the entire debacle.

Check out the clip below


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