Floyd Mayweather On Possible Comeback Would “Have To Be A Nine-Figure Payday”


Floyd Mayweather has reiterated time and time again that he will remain retired.

He’s shown off the vacations he’s taken all over the world, topped the Forbes’ list of the world’s highest paid athletes, and revealed that he’s making seven-figures a month off wise investments while retired.

With all that said, why would he want to re-enter a dangerous sport after leaving undefeated?

That question is not on the minds of fans as they clamor for “The Best Ever” to return and fight someone more deadly.

Mayweather’s last fight was against Andre Berto and left much to be desired.

Fans have demanded for Mayweather to fight Gennady Golovkin aka GGG (35-0, 32 by KO), the current unified WBA, IBF, IBO, and WBC middleweight champion.

So what will it take for him to come back?

Well he was asked about that tonight during the Showtime world championship double header.

Mayweather says he needs a championship fight and a nine-figure ($100 million) payday.

He also mentioned that he’s been talking with CBS and Showtime so maybe things could be moving.


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