Afeni Shakur Took Extraordinary Steps To Keep Tupac’s Money & Music Protect


Tupac’s mother guarded his music and financial legacy in life, and TMZ has learned Afeni Shakur took extraordinary steps to do the same in death.

Afeni had set up a trust to control all of Tupac’s music rights, and a rep for his estate tells us the paperwork is flawless.

She also named the perfect executor, Tom Whalley former head of Warner Bros. Records to handle Tupac’s valuable catalog.

We’re told the trust is very specific about heirs, and the money is going to select charities and family.

Afeni is survived by her sister, Gloria, and a daughter, Sekyiwa Shakur … Tupac’s half sister.

Her estranged husband, Gust Davis, is not mentioned in the trust so Tupac’s money and music will be virtually untouchable in that divorce.

Interestingly, Tupac’s mother was repped by attorney Howard King, who also worked with Prince years ago.

He says Prince hated dealing with paperwork and rarely listened to advisors, but Afeni was the exact opposite which is why there shouldn’t be any legal battles over Tupac’s fortune.

Her efforts in the Black Panther Party with fellow activists like Jamal Joseph and ‘siblings’ Assata and Mutulu Shakur helped enlarge the party’s presence.

Today (May 5) the party’s National Alumni Association released a deeply touching statement on the philanthropist and social justice leader.

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of our sister Afeni Shakur.

Afeni was a sister, mentor, comrade and leader within the New York chapter of the Black Panther Party,”

the lengthy statement reads.

“As the section leader of the Harlem branch, Afeni was the one who personally welcomed many of us into the party.

As the communications secretary, she was one of the highest ranking members on the East Coast and her leadership was the reason many young women joined.

Afeni had a deep and profound love for the community and a passion for the people that made her a dynamic organizer and dedicated activist.

She embodied the spirit of what it meant to be a Black Panther, waking up at 5AM to cook for the free breakfast program, coordinating the day to day office duties and personally being in the field.

Afeni’s organizing laid the seeds for a legacy we still bear witness to today.”

The party continued their tribute by praising the activist for community efforts.

“After the Black Panther Party, Afeni continued her work in the community as a paralegal helping save hundreds of families from eviction and criminal convictions,”

they said.

“We send our deepest condolences and heartfelt sympathy to Sekyiwa, Jean and the entire Shakur family.

We ask that young people everywhere continue Afeni’s legacy by lifting up her name and continuing to organize in their communities wherever they see injustice. We Love you dear sister Afeni.

Long live your revolutionary spirit!”Shakur died May 2 of cardiac arrest.

She was 69 years old.

Her journey with The Black Panther Party began in 1964, after meeting an affiliate of Malcolm X.

She reportedly told biographer and actress Jasmine Guy the party helped her place her activism in an appropriate space. ”

They took my rage and channeled it,”

she said.

“They educated my mind and gave me direction.”

Born Alice Faye Williams, she officially changed her name to Afeni Shakur in 1968.

On April 2, 1969 Afeni was arrested, along with 20 other Black Panthers, and charged with 156 counts of conspiracy.

The group quickly became known as The New York Panther 21 and was facing 352 years in prison.

Shortly after being released, Afeni’s bail was revoked due to two free members of the Panther 21 skipping town and she was sent back to prison.

To make matters even more complicated, Afeni was pregnant.

Her pregnancy in prison proved to be extremely difficult- she even spoke of having to get a court order so she could reserve the right to one egg and one glass of milk each morning to nurture her unborn child.


The Panther 21 Trial began in 1971 and despite countless objections from friends and codefendants, Afeni decided to represent herself in court.

She was said to have been extremely impressive in the court room and about five months later, won her freedom.

A month after Afeni was acquitted, she gave birth to her son, Lesane Parish Crooks, later renamed Tupac Amaru Shakur after an 18th century Incan chief and revolutionary, Túpac Amaru and his mother’s last name, Shakur, Arabic for “Thankful to God.”

Tupac’s estate later posted a passage on Ms. Shakur’s passing, writing,

“Afeni was a deeply devoted mother, grandmother and sister. Her spirit will forever inspire all of those who had the honor and privilege of knowing her.”


The original demo version of Tupac’s “Dear Mama” can be heard below:


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