Gangster Disciples Who Threatened Rick Ross Gets Indicted


Remember those gang members that threatened Rick Ross’ life a couple years back… For those that don’t know about the crazy video, check it out above Rozay quickly dead the rumors of cancelling his show because of these threats.

Rick Ross’ 2010 song “B.M.F.” was a massive hit, but it also resulted in hits being put out on him.

The song that name references Gangster Disciples founder Larry Hoover, set off current members of the gang.

They didn’t take too kindly to Ross using what they claimed to be their six-pointed star logo on his Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape either.

Recently the Feds arrested 48 Gangster Disciples.

The charges included murder, drug possession, and weapon possession.

Several leaders of a notorious nationwide gang were charged in sweeping federal indictments unsealed Wednesday in Atlanta and Memphis.

Forty-eight alleged members of the Gangster Disciples, a Chicago-based gang operating in at least 24 states, were charged with racketeering offenses including murder, extortion, drug trafficking and credit card fraud, according to John Horn, the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia.

“The Gangster Disciples are a highly organized and ruthless gang that recognizes no geographical boundaries,”

said Britt Johnson, head of the FBI’s Atlanta field office.

“Its members have for too long indiscriminately preyed upon and infected the good people of our communities like a cancer.”

Johnson said gang members legitimized themselves in their communities by organizing ostensibly altruistic endeavors such as food drives to feed the homeless, and, in a sinister twist, “stop the violence” rallies.

The gang is administered with such merciless order that Johnson said one recruit was killed when he failed to show for a neighborhood cleanup event organized by the Disciples.

“The Gangster Disciples commit crime wherever they find the opportunity,”

said Lesley Caldwell, a prosecutor with the Department of Justice’s criminal division.

“They are a very violent gang.”


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