“Snow on Tha Bluff” Actor Curtis Snow Arrested After Church Standoff With Police


Curtis Snow, best known for the questionable documentary, Snow on tha Bluff, had another run-in with the law following his 94-year-old grandfather’s funeral service.

A argument with another attendee at the funeral caused Snow to barricade himself inside the women’s bathroom of Higher Grown Empowerment Center.

The incident took place from about 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. yesterday with officials on the scene.

As a precaution, the SWAT team surrounded the building, after officials were told Snow could possibly be armed.

Fortunately, no weapons were reported to be inside the church or Snow’s person.

The altercation ended with Snow’s peaceful surrender to the authorities.


The church’s pastor said Ward’s grandson got into an argument with someone at the funeral and that’s when police were called.

However, the pastor did not think he wanted to hurt anyone,and was only deeply mourning.

“It didn’t ruin it (the funeral).

The young man that’s allegedly barred inside the church, that’s his granddad.

Young people grieve differently.

I don’t think he was here to hurt anyone,”

pastor Johnson said.

Police said they did not find any weapons on Snow when they arrested him.

Ward broke out in 2011 for his documentary, which chronicled the life of a drug dealer in a crime-ridden area of Atlanta.

His character stole a camera from college students and depicted daily moments in his life, from using drugs to stealing off other drug dealers.

In real life, Ward has been in and out of jail several times on drug-related charges, according to police.

The amateur film captured the attention of actor Michael K. Williams, who is best known for playing Omar on HBO’s hit “The Wire.”

After Williams signed on as executive producer, the film was repackaged for and distributed to streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon in 2012.


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