YG Weighs In On Troy Ave Concert Shooting


Compton rapper YG made sure to stop by the studios of Power 105.1 on Friday (June 10), where he shared his own feelings on New York City’s recent Irving Plaza shooting.

The Pushaz Ink artist is himself feeling the fallout of the infamous May 25 incident, as he has turned out to be one of several Live Nation artists whose shows have been cancelled by local venues.

But if his interview with DJ Self is any indication, his problems are small compared to those faced by kindred rapper Troy Ave.

“Man, it’s sad, homie,” YG told DJ Self in an expression of solidarity with Troy.

“It’s sad.

Troy, that’s my dude.

One time for Troy.

I don’t even want to say what I really want to say on-air.

It’s a sad thing.

I dunno, bro, because I feel like this: if I got popped, I would have did the same thing.

I would have made my way out that joint, period.

And that just go for anybody else, that’s just reaction.

Protocol… It come with the rap game and the streets.”


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