Joe Budden’s Disses Drake & Meek Mills On “Making A Murderer” Song

Making a Murderer

Since the start of his social media-heavy beef with Drake and Meek Mill last year, it seemed clear Joe Budden’s quarrels with the rappers would never translate to the music–until now.

On Thursday (June 30), the Slaughterhouse rapper released “Making a Murderer (Part 1),” by taking aim at the rappers and a few others who have fallen in between the cracks of the very tangled beef.

Speaking with Pitchfork, Budden says the song is all about fueling the fire to what he calls an “uninspired Drizzy”.

“I come from a hip-hop where if you didn’t have something to say, then, n****a, what the f**k were you rapping for,”

he said.

“I’m tired of rappers addressing things in every other manner in passion but rap.”

In the beginning of the six-minute-rap, Budden throws a shot a Meek Mill before playing a snippet from a 2009 episode of his web series “Joe Budden TV,” where Drake praised him and made it clear he wasn’t into rap beefs.

“Tender a** Teddy come around, he gon’ get pinned to grass, I come around with every inch of the mag,”

he spits.

“I’m a wordsmith forreal, you thought Quentin was bad, You made me proud, lad, but it seems my child mad.”

He also refers to his past beef with Jay Z, hinting at the possibility Drake wouldn’t respond due to his major rap-star status.

Budden tells Pitchfork he wants everyone to feel something for the future of rap with “Making a Murderer.”

“I just want this to be a moment in hip-hop because it is,”

he said.

“Me, as an MC, I’m my own worse critic.

I’ve listened to that song [“Making a Murderer (Part 1)”] a million times and it’s chilling.

It’s chilling when you just understand it.

It’s a clear message, line in the sand, to all MCs.

I’m not playing no more.”


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