Gucci Mane & Young Thug “GUWOP HOME” Video


Gucci Mane‘s Everybody Looking is set to drop on July 22.

The album will feature previously released cuts

“First Day Out Tha Feds,”

“All My Children,”

“Back On Road”

and the Young Thug-assisted “Guwop Home.”

Because Gucci is on house arrest, all the filming is done at his ATL mansion.

Throughout the nearly four-minute clip, Guwop and Thugga Thugga party by the pool with curvy, bikini-clad women.

Mike Will Made-It and Zaytoven are seen cooking up the instrumental in an outdoor studio, with the former behind the boards and the latter on the piano keys.

Towards the end of the video, the ladies get their Euro 2016 on with a lil’ nighttime game of backyard futbol.

Guwop tackles the first verse, spitting,

“Rose gold watch, but my bottle pink gold/three red hoes walking round in red rose/Can’t stay the night I’m not the type to be on Skype/Foo’ wrote me off, said that I was gone, that was a typo/Take a white girl out a trailer make her Iggy/Take a black bitch outta Magic make her Nicki/Pissy yellow Rollie, baby pissy on her feelings/My young bitches show respect they call me Mr. Millions/Brown skin chick and she love to wear purple/Her nails purple, lips purple, pussy hair purple/Big titty Amazon in my black Benz/I’m rich black man got a couple white friends.”

Young Thug kills both the hook and his verse.

In his signature off-the-wall flow, he raps,

“My teeth white like a toilet tissue/Stop the captain boy you know you listen/We hit the lobby then we saw you kissing/Lil momma crazy she gon’ try and kill you/I got the weed, bring the molly with you/I got the syrup, bring the Jolly Ranchers/You talk to 12 we gon off your body.”


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