Shaunie O’Neal Have A Few Words For Ayesha Curry’s “She Should Be Smarter About It”


Former real-life basketball wife Shaunie O’Neal isn’t that much of a fan of Ayesha Curry, as she recently read her, during an appearance on The Preachers, for her recent comments on a game being “rigged” following her husband’s loss.

During the segment, the co-hosts asked Shaunie and her other Basketball Wives cast mates their opinions on Ayesha’s tweet, and Shaq’s ex held no punches.

“I personally didn’t like her tweet,”

she said.

“I don’t know Ayesha Curry. I feel like that job that her husband has supports a whole lot of people, including her family, his family.

Your husband goes to do a job, and to say his job is rigged is sacrificing a whole lot of folks and their livelihood.”

Making it clear that she has no problem with Steph Curry’s wife speaking up when she wants to, she said she would just rather she choose her words more carefully, and even posed an interesting question at the end of her statement.

“I don’t believe in, ‘She’s a woman. She’s a wife. Be quiet and sit at home.’ I don’t believe in that,”

she said.

“I feel like she should express her opinions, just maybe be smarter about it.

Was it rigged when your husband was winning or was it just rigged when he was losing? ‘Cause the tweet only came when he lost.”


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