Black Woman Attacked By A Dirty Houston Cop While on Phone with 911

Police Brutally

Recently released surveillance of the March 2016 arrest of a black social worker in Houston, has been making its way around the internet, as it appears to contradict an internal investigation which found no wrongdoing on the officer Gentian Luca’s part.

Earledreka White, 28, was allegedly stopped, wrestled, and jailed for two days after crossing a double white line.In the video, that was leaked by White’s attorney; it shows White on the phone with a 911 dispatcher as officer Gentian Luca stood by.

She explains she feels threatened and calls to request that an additional officer is sent out.

Luca stands with his hands on his belt, until the call with the dispatcher is put on hold and he and White begin disputing the reason she was stopped.

“Hi, this is Earledreka White and I’m calling to report harassment by a police officer,”

White begins telling the dispatcher, Luca can then be seen taking the handcuffs off of his belt.

He then reaches and grabs her wrists, setting off a struggle that ends with him forcing her arm behind her back while she is still on the call.

She was taken in and booked for resisting arrest.

“Being pulled over is not the troubling part — what happened after being pulled over is what baffles me,”

She told local news reporters following her release on $1,000 bond.

“As I tell the dispatcher that this man is threatening to ‘Tase’ me, he backs away, then comes back and literally tries to break my arm.”

The arrest drew the attention of the Houston NAACP, who’ve released a statement affirming the officer’s position that White should have gotten back into the car upon his request, but condemning him for escalating the situation by threatening to use force.

White’s lawyer, Zack Fertitta is attempting to have her charges dropped, saying:

“I’m as pro-law-enforcement as they come, but that’s not good police conduct.

You can’t escalate a situation and then claim someone is ‘resisting arrest.’

That’s ridiculous.”


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