T.I.’s Restaurant Gets Hit With A Eviction Notice


T.I.’s resturant has just been hit with an eviction notice.

The resturant is located downtown Atlanta.

T.I. and his partner were recent sued for playing with their employee’s money as they were under paying them.

The landlord of the resturant says that he has not paid rent in months and owes over a million. Crazy!

This is not like T.I. to me. Im shocked he let this get out of hand.

The venue was said to have been a nice upscale venue that was needed for the culture to fill the void left when other celebrities’ restaurants closed down.

However, many customers on various ratings websites have complained about the service.

Tip has since blasted his restaurant business partner, Charles, and he has called their restaurant, Scales 925, a mistake.

T.I. issued an informal statement on the restaurant’s struggles in a since deleted Instagram post.

He places much of the blame on his business partner Charles Hughes and distances himself from him. In the post T.I. says:

“He is NOT associated with me or my company in any capacity.

We have NO dealings or partnerships outside of my restaurant . . . which was a HUGE mistake in hindsight.”


The restaurant opened in April 2015 to much fanfare but had been hit with bad news in recent months.

Rappers have not had the best of luck with restaurants in Atlanta.

Jermaine Dupri faced similar challenges with his breakfast restaurant “JD’s” that infamously closed its doors without notifying the employees.

Hopefully 2 Chainz will have success with his upcoming venture.


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