Drake Tour Bus Burglary Suspect Arrested

Drake tour bus Burglar

The guy arrested for stealing $3 million worth of jewelry off Drake’s tour bus got caught red-handed after getting really high, breaking into a woman’s dorm room and offering her sex according to docs.

As we reported Travion King was arrested at Arizona State University Wednesday, but we’ve now learned he allegedly broke into a student’s dorm room in the middle of the night.

The woman said she woke up to King trying to climb into her bed, telling her he’d never been with a white girl and offered to

“eat her out.”

The woman freaked and ran to another room, where she and a friend called campus cops and had Travion arrested.

No physical contact was made between King and the two female students.

King was taken into ASU police custody without incident and booked into jail on suspicion of first-degree trespassing.

No weapons or tools were found in his possession, Harris said.

Police are unsure how King found his way into the Barrett, the Honors College complex, which is enclosed by gates that require residents to scan their ASU ID cards for entry, Harris said.

King may have followed someone into the gates or entered through a gate that was propped open, Harris said.

Once inside the complex, King convinced a student worker at the Honors Hall front desk that he was a Barrett resident.

Using this ruse, King bamboozled the worker into scanning him up to the third floor of one of the buildings, where he went from room to room, checking for unlocked doors, Harris said.

The student worker who interacted with King has been fired.

Cops say King told them he’d been smoking weed and PCP, and broke into the dorm because he wanted to

“smoke and f***” and was thinking with the “wrong head.”

King was booked for criminal trespassing. Police also found a briefcase full of jewelry which linked him to the tour bus heist outside Drake’s Tuesday night concert.


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