Beanie Sigel Drops Two Meek Mill Diss Track Back To Back “I’m Coming” & “Goodnight”


After Beanie Sigel dropped his first Meek Mill diss track,

“I’m Coming”

he followed it up with

“Good Night”

the very next day with a track that drops literal references to his friend turned Philly rival.

The reason Philly even on the map, me!/ the reason your silly a** raps, me!/ you [sic] motherf***a, and I tried to give you some game that Jay gave me/ to make the transition from the street to the fame/ but you got a little fame and tried to add street to ya name, it ain’t the same,”

Beanie raps mid-verse.

He would go on to transition from talking industry to talking the streets, questioning the credibility of the Dream Chasers boss’ rhymes.

“What ya life like? Feel It In The Air; where them bars at?/ You ain’t been through s**t, you can’t record that/ the respect I get, you can’t afford that/ you ain’t been through wars, hugging your boys, crying; might not make it back but you’re riding/ you lying!”

Prior to him officially dropping the track a snippet went floating around that captures Beans recapturing the wrath that once made him one of the game’s most bonafide spitters.


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