Ar-Ab Speaks On The Beef Between Beanie Sigel & Meek Mill


In an exclusive released by WorldStarHipHop on Tuesday [October 18], Ar-Ab spoke his piece on Meek Mill’s beef with Beanie Sigel.

Before clarifying that he bears no involvement, and remains in good standing with parties on both sides of the issue.

The self-proclaimed “Top goon In Philly” let it be known that although there is plenty of blame to go around for their falling out, it should have never been dealt with in the way it went down.

“Beans got his faults.

Everybody got their faults in that scenario.

That’s a legend, though, you don’t do a legend like that.

But, I know all parties,”

he said.

He had just gotten through explaining that Philly was so united leading up to Dream Chasers affiliate Teefy Bey’s ambush on Sigel, which the very day prior he had been in talks to be part of a compilation that would put Meek, Beans, himself, and other Philly artists together on wax.

Despite expressing regret that things would wind up the way they have, Ar-Ab couldn’t bring himself to take sides.

“Beans is not innocent. Not by the stretch of the imagination.

He’s not innocent.

He’s got his faults too man, so.

I can’t run to his aid, I can’t.

I just got to step back and look at everybody like, man, I just wish it never would’ve happened,”

he said.

In the weeks that followed, Meek remained relatively quiet about the incident.

With the exception of a few indirect messages posted to Instagram, he dedicated one bar from a Funkmaster Flex freestyle to Beanie.

Meanwhile, Sigel has dropped several songs that take aim at the Dreamchasers camp, including “I’m Coming,” “Good Night,” and “Gang Gang.”

A couple of third parties have thrown their own shots in the mix, including former State Property member Oschino and Philly veteran Gillie Da Kid.

Ar-Ab has spoken on the state of Philly rap, saying that in the interests of preservation of local artists, for the most part, choose to remain cordial.

Still, his stand to keep the peace hasn’t deterred him from reminding hip-hop of who he is in the mix of it all.

“I am the streets of Philadelphia.

I run the streets of Philadelphia, that’s me.

That’s me,”

said Ar-Ab.


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