Diddy Sends A Message To The State Of Hip Hop


Hip-hop is in a state of emergency, according to Diddy.

In a passionate rant on Snapchat, the music mogul slammed their pair for their on-going antics and said he was

“scared of the direction [Hip Hop] is going.”

It’s safe to say he has had just about enough of the current trend of artists acting up on social media.

And he wasn’t shy about sending a message to the new crop of artists on Snapchat by saying the culture is getting killed.

“I’m staying off my social devices,”

he said.

“It’s too much cooning and buffooning. Too much cooning and buffooning.”

In another Snap he said the following.

“Don’t you know that we are magic?

I know that you have heard the term “black magic” being thrown around.

We are magic.

Start using your power for the greater good of our people,”

he continues.

“That black magic is that deeper love that we have for each other.”

In the midst of his rant, the Bad Boy, Ciroc, and Sean Jean masterminding multi-millionaire promised to get his thoughts together and hold a more intimate conversation on the matter between “us” as the discussion of Hip-Hop’s past and present states isn’t for the

“whole world to hear.”


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